Chinese Zodiac

Year of the Snake

The Snake is the sixth of all zodiac animals. According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. Because of their similar looks, Snake and Dragon were good friends. They arrived at the same time. But unfortunately, due to the size difference, the Jade Emperor first saw Dragon, and then Snake.

The Snake is also associated with the Earthly Branch (地支 / dì zhī) sì (), and the hours 9–11 in the morning. In the terms of yin and yang (阴阳 / yīn yáng), the Snake is yin.

Snakes have a deep and complex mind, but if they love, they love with their entire heart.

Snakes usually have a negative diction and are symbols of witchcraft. However, Nǚ Wā (女娲), the creator of the world in Chinese mythology, had a human’s head and a snake’s body.

Paired with the Celestial Stems (天干 / Tiān gān), there is a 60-year calendrical cycle. Although sì is associated with fire, the years also cycle through the five elements of nature (五行 / wǔ xíng).

Recent years of the Snake

Year Celestial Stem Earthly Branch Zodiac Element Yin Yang
1929 Snake Earth Yin
1941 xīn Snake Metal Yin
1953 guǐ Snake Water Yin

1965 Snake Wood Yin
1977 ding Snake Fire Yin

1989 Snake Earth Yin
2001 xīn Snake Metal Yin

2013 guǐ Snake Water Yin

2025 Snake Wood Yin

Personality and Characteristics

Snakes are humorous and sophisticated. They don’t like small talk or thinking about small everyday problems.

In a chaotic environment, they are the eye of the storm. Snakes are able to hold their ground and calmly think of solutions.

They are always making new plans and follow them without relying on others’ input. They’re usually correct, but this also comes from a distrust of others. You cannot judge a Snake by its cover. Their slow and lazy talking hides their fast-paced thinking. Behind their calmness, they are alert and observant.

Elements and fortunes

Element Year Fortune
Wood 1965, 2025 These Snakes are easygoing and make many close friends. As perfectionists, they fear experimenting and making mistakes. They need the encouragement from friends in order to succeed.
Fire 1977, 2037 These Snakes are quick tempered and sometimes act without thinking. They don’t like relying on established groups and are innovative entrepreneurs. If they listen to others’ warnings and wait for the right opportunity, they’ll enjoy great success.
Earth 1929, 1989 These Snakes are loyal friends who can keep the friendship for life. But they are sensitive to critique. If hurt, they will never forgive and never forget. They love deeply, but with this comes deep jealousy as well.
Metal 1941, 2001 These Snakes are brave and decisive in their actions. They are born leaders who have a balanced mix of strictness and freedom. Sometimes they are arrogant, but even in a crowd, their aura can be sensed easily.
Water 1953, 2013 These Snakes are optimistic and aesthetic. They consider every detail before acting. They are also brave, but this entrepreneur spirit is not always shown. If they can lower their overly high self-confidence, they will have a smooth path to success.

Men born in the Snake year are mysterious and experienced. They are gentle and know how to say the right things. In an awkward situation, they can always be depended on to crack a joke.

Different from others, these men believe in romance. They often give their significant other sweet surprises. They are also creative and empathetic.

However, they crave to be the center of attention and easily become jealous. This makes it harder for them to socialize.

Women born in the Snake year are graceful and elegant. They are beautiful, both inside and out. Their confidence is manifested in their high fashion and appreciation for classic art.

They are always thinking ahead, though they often act as if they don’t care. They have high standards for friends. They desire for wealth and power. With their intelligence and skills, success shouldn’t be a problem.

However, their greatest fault is their jealousy. They cannot stand seeing others who are more successful. This becomes motivation to work harder and become better though.


Most compatible with Snake: Monkey, Rooster, Ox

Monkey and Snake make up the most compatible pair. They have similar personalities, but one is yin and the other is yang. Therefore, they can reach harmony.

Snake and Rooster seem very different, but they are quite compatible. A Rooster’s ability and taste are what attracts a Snake.

They fit well with Oxen as well. A Snake gives Oxen warmth and romance, and receives a reliable anchor in return.

Least compatible with: Tiger, Pig

It's hard for a Snake and Tiger to sympathize and understand each other. The relationship will be full of suspect and coldness.

Snakes are also incompatible with Pigs. They can work well together, but there isn't much trust in a relationship.

Lucky things for Snakes

  • Colors: red, yellow, black
  • Numbers: 2, 6, 8
  • Mineral: amethyst
  • Directions of auspiciousness: southwest, south
  • Directions of wealth: northwest
  • Directions of love: south

Unlucky things

  • Colors: white, gold, brown
  • Numbers: 1, 6, 7

Careers Fit for Snakes

Snakes will do well in jobs that require quick thinking and fast reaction speeds.

They are great improvisers. They will do well in competitive fields such as emcees and competitive sports.

They also have their own unique methods. No matter what others say, they’ll stick to their ways. For people like this, management and leadership positions are the best. When the team is confused, they’ll be able to guide their team members onto the right direction.

Because of this, they are not fit for careers where they cannot express their opinions. Routine and standardized jobs are not for them.

Still, Snakes must learn to listen. Consider the thoughts of others and combine it with their own ideas. This is the way to long-lasting success in the workplace.

Health and Lifestyle

Overall, a Snake’s health is influenced by their genes. Their parents’ health is what decides their own health.

However, Snakes are extremely picky eaters. They will stuff themselves with their favorites and not even consider a balanced diet. This will inevitably lead to some health problems.

Snakes also keep their complaints inside. The bottled up emotions can cause stress and anxiety. Stress directly relates to the health of a Snake’s heart, blood vessels and other organs. Women also need to pay attention to their urinary system.


Snakes in the Year of the Rabbit (2023)

For the Snake, 2023 will be a year that moves in a positive direction in all areas of life, with minor setbacks and occasional retractions that aren’t enough to lose sleep over. Remember that in case you get anxious about what we’ll tell you next!

Your workplace may present a series of small quarrels, challenges and setbacks that take no more than a few days to resolve. The Snake values how others see them, so this may be very distressing – stay courageous and resilient, even if it feels difficult, until everything resolves on their own timeline. Essentially, do nothing in case of doubt.

It’s worth noting that Snakes are creative and often work in creative industries. This is the perfect year, with “Wen Chang” in your corner, to feel that divine inspiration and debut a work of art that will prove to be your masterpiece!

Similarly, love will present minor frictions for the Snake in 2023. Just like in work matters, the Snake is advised to forbear even if it feels difficult, instead of yielding to the impulse to resolve everything in the moment. Sometimes, that’s simply not possible and will prove damaging to the relationship. Walk away until everyone cools off.

This is a year that requires the Snake to stay still instead of expending their energy in the moment. Think of how patiently a snake in nature lies in wait for their prey, and emulate their coolness in your life!

Love and Relationships in 2023

Love will be more or less steady for the Snake in 2023. “Wen Chang” not only governs creativity, but love as well, so single Snakes could find all eyes on them this year. You’ll naturally appear unique and mysteriously attractive to any potential suiters, so just be yourself and enjoy the attention.

Before jumping into a relationship with just anyone who’s courting you, however, try to slow it way down. Spend more time getting to know them and evaluate their merit. Are they generous or miserly? Are they genuinely interested in the same subjects that you find meaningful? This is also your chance for them to get to know the real you, behind your alluring façade – it’s okay, we all have one. After all, long-lasting relationships are built on mutual trust as much as desire!

Snakes who’re already partnered up may find themselves quarrelling with their significant other this year. These are not serious arguments, yet could lead to both parties feeling very hurt. The Snake may find themselves more stubborn than usual, and less likely to owe up to their share of the misunderstanding. It’s not worth it!

Instead, both could learn to take a step back and nip any disagreement in the bud with vulnerable communication. Remember how much you enjoyed each other’s company in the beginning of your relationship. Your feelings haven’t changed, so work through this with patience, and a loving smile.

Career in 2023

It’ll be tricky for the Snake to navigate the subtler aspects of the workplace. Think office politics, choosing which team to back, and being badmouthed behind your back. While these are not ideal conditions, the Snake could sail through them with relative ease if they can just keep their cool instead of letting themselves be dragged down to the level of the small-minded.

Peeling away those annoying influences, the Snake will enjoy a year in which their decisive and shrewd mind will be at their best. Any task that’s entrusted to them will see stellar results, and that’s why superiors will recognize the Snake’s merit and give them more responsibilities where the Snake could shine. Make sure you put in the work and the mental power, to not waste any such opportunities that come your way!

Artistic Snakes will enjoy their most creative and inspired year in more than a decade. Again, stay immune to criticism from jealous quarters as best as you can, and focus your energy and creativity on what’s important, your work.

For example, this may play out as a Snake debuting a work of art that’ll be as lauded as it’s criticized. But if they can keep doing what they do, ultimately time will judge the work fairly and the Snake will be amply rewarded for their unique vision!

Wealth in 2023

All the positive development on the work front will see the Snake upgrading their monthly income a few times in 2023, to the tunes of sizable raises and bonuses. You worked hard for this in previous years, and you’ll still be working hard this year, so enjoy your reward!

Entrepreneurial Snakes who’re in business for themselves will enjoy a similarly wonderful year. You’ll find clients favorable to your sales pitches, and add quite a few major ones to your roster by year’s end. Money will be pouring in starting the second half of the year, as these brand-new gears start to turn, and you’ll be delivering more than enough value to warrant the gain.

Don’t fritter your additional income into high-risk investments this year though, Snakes, because global economic conditions simply won’t allow that in 2023. In addition, keep an eye on your valuables no matter where you are, because they could be the targets of theft and burglary this year if you’re not careful. A home alarm system may be a wise expenditure, even if it ends up eating a big chunk of your budget.

Earn with pleasure, and spend with discretion. Not a terrible place to be in, lucky Snakes!

Education in 2023

Younger Snakes may find themselves variously shunned by their circle of friends, or misunderstood by their teachers or parents in 2023. It doesn’t feel good, we understand. But such temporary developments shouldn’t take the focus away from what has more staying power – if you’re learning and advancing your store of knowledge, and adding to your understanding of yourself.

On the other hand, student Snakes will ace any exams they may have to take in 2023, and shine on important college applications or interviews for their first job right out of school. See how inconsequential someone badmouthing you is compared to these more decisive moments? In fact, they’re probably just jealous, and they should be, because at the end of the school year, it’s you who will be recognized for your scholarly merit.

Health in 2023

A few minor health aspects are at play this year for the Snake, which could mean small but troublesome little illnesses throughout the months. With all the exciting development in work and love, would you want to be out of commission so frequently though?

The remedy is to exercise frequently, and make sure your body is in as solid a shape as your brilliant mind. Your immunity won’t be naturally strong in 2023, so give it some helpful boost with vitamins and any nutrient that may be missing in your diet.

When you find yourself busy with work is when you need to watch out for your health. If you’re prone to spending long hours in the office and forgetting to eat in the time crunch right before a deadline, put preventative measures in place that will keep you healthy without sacrificing your effectiveness.

Think half-hour naps in an empty conference room, or healthy snacks stashed away in your drawer, or simply a quick break to the salad bar downstairs. Is that really going to make or break your big presentation? We didn’t think so. But you know what might? If you’re so sleep deprived that you lose your train of thought in front of the board, dear Snake.

Snakes in the Year of the Tiger (2022)

Snakes will not be blessed with stellar fortunes in 2022. This is a year of “punishing” aspects for Snake natives, as it is a year of Fan Tai Sui, likely with frequent interferences and chaos, leading to various tests for Snakes. But fear not, because higher-ups will continue to favor Snakes with this year’s stars; therefore, work hard and stay humble—nothing to worry about as long as you do.

In particular, career and wealth will offer many opportunities this year, but Snakes may be inclined to be careless with their money. That would be a big mistake, especially in 2022. Health is another area to watch out for, while love isn’t likely to bring any satisfaction.

Love in 2022

Snakes’ love life is likely to remain flat or even dull for most of 2022, thanks to the punishing aspect of Fan Tai Sui. No one will be blessed with progress under these stars. Snakes who are married or in long-term relationships may have a somewhat smoother going than they have had in recent years, although there will still be frequent quarrels and conflicts between Snakes and their partner. Most will be petty fights and unlikely to cause any serious damage to the relationship, thankfully.

Singles will have a sluggish year overall, with few suitable potentials coming into your life, so it is unlikely that you will meet anyone new who catches your eye. If this is an area you are very concerned with this year, then you can try to change up your style and go to places you don’t usually go to – large-scale social events, for example. But whether you want to push yourself beyond your comfort zone is up to you alone.

Career in 2022

Snakes will enjoy better luck in their career than in love, with the support of higher-ups likely to arrive from unexpected quarters in 2022. Many Snake natives will move up quickly, in particular if they take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves throughout this whole year. At the same time, Snakes may be vulnerable to hidden villains in 2022; therefore, they are advised to stay humble and cautious to avoid being surprised by sudden events.

In general, Snakes are advised to maintain better relationships with their colleagues to avoid damaging their career prospects this year, although they usually prefer to work alone. For Snakes who are at the executive level, their personal image will be important to maintain as well, with the possibility of building up prestige for themselves or suffering attacks due to a deterioration in their reputation.

Wealth in 2022

Snakes’ wealth will have mixed luck in 2022. For some, they may lose everything especially if they take undue risks, hoping to get lucky – this will almost certainly land them in a financial crisis. All Snakes ought to be cautious with their money this year. For other Snake natives, wealth will likely be blessed, especially if work goes well for them and they find themselves being paid more for the value they provide for their company. In general, Snakes should count on stable sources of income in 2022 and leave their emergency funds untouched.

Education in 2022

Younger Snakes will have average luck in their studies and are not likely to enjoy any sudden success. For Snakes who are on the verge of leaving school, however, 2022 is likely to be a stressful year as they contemplate their future and feel confused. Snakes tend not to listen to advice and may feel annoyed or pressured by the words of their loved ones, but try to remember your family wants the best for you, and at least consider what advice older family members have to offer – you will thank them in a few years’ time.

Health in 2022

Snakes will have poorer health than usual in 2022, due to Fan Tai Sui. There will likely be sudden illnesses, like the flu, acute appendicitis and other short-term damages to Snakes’ physical health, therefore it is more important than ever to keep a healthy lifestyle and not add to the strain your body will already be under. Also take care to avoid accidental injuries, which is something that often happens under the influence of Tai Sui.