Chinese Zodiac

Year of the Rooster

The Rooster is the tenth of all zodiac animals. According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. Monkey, Rooster and Dog were in another country, helping a god defeat evil spirits. After, they set off to the party together. Because they arrived at the same time, the Jade Emperor went by the order they met the god in the other country. Thus, Rooster became tenth.

The Rooster is also associated with the Earthly Branch (地支 / dì zhī) yǒu (), and the hours 5–7 in the afternoon. In the terms of yin and yang (阴阳 / yīn yáng), the Rooster is yin.

According to legends, roosters are able to protect against evil spirits. In ancient times, sworn brothers must swear to the heavens, then drip rooster blood into wine and drink it all.

Roosters are complex people who seem strong but, deep down, need validation from loved ones.

Recent years of the Rooster are: 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

Paired with the Celestial Stems (天干 / Tiān gān), there is a 60-year calendrical cycle. Although yǒu is associated with metal, the years also cycle through the five elements of nature (五行 / wǔ xíng).

See the table below for the full details of each year.

Year Celestial Stem Earthly Branch Zodiac Element Yin Yang
1933 rén Yǒu Rooster Water Yin
1945 Yǒu Rooster Wood Yin
1957 ding Yǒu Rooster Fire Yin
1969 Yǒu Rooster Earth Yin
1981 xīn Yǒu Rooster Metal Yin
1993 guǐ Yǒu Rooster Water Yin
2005 Yǒu Rooster Wood Yin
2017 ding Yǒu Rooster Fire Yin
2029 Yǒu Rooster Earth Yin

Personality and characteristics

Roosters are serious in their work. They are straightforward and decisive in their actions. They’ll directly criticize what they see unfit and are perfectionists. They are logical and good at managing teams.

Family is a refuge and paradise for them. They wish for a large family—it means that there are more people to encourage and support them.

No matter how difficult something is, they won’t give up. But if someone is blocking their path, they will reveal their fierce side. They are terrifying if angered and get into arguments easily. Even if they lose, they’ll use various methods to convince others into their side.

Roosters really just need loved ones to validate them and encouragement to find themselves.

Element Year Fortune
Earth 1969, 2029 These Roosters are active. They love going on outings with friends. Patient and reliable, they gain trust easily. Everything is smooth in their career life. No efforts go to waste and they’ll gain satisfying results. However, they must be careful not to become too proud.
Metal 1921, 1981 These Roosters are very decisive and set off with a clear destination in mind. They think logically and are quite popular. However, Roosters with power will find it hard to connect well with co-workers. For true success in the workplace, they must learn to communicate and socialize well.
Water 1933, 1993 These Roosters are proud but don’t show off. They are intuitive and love beautiful things. They receive support and understanding from their leaders. These Roosters work well with others and will enjoy a happy retirement.
Wood 1945, 2005 These Roosters love joking around. They feel emotions strongly and crave affection. But they should learn to become more independent and face difficulties without relying on others. They are quite fortunate with wealth. Even if there are losses, gains follow close behind.
Fire 1957, 2017 These Roosters have strong time management skills and are trustworthy. They feel like they owe something if they don’t finish something in a timely manner. It’s tiring but this is what makes them happy. They have rocky relationships, but things settle down around their middle ages.

Men born in the Rooster year are always changing, sometimes joyous, sometimes emotional. They like helping others solve problems. They’ll study all aspects before making a decision.

At home, they are organized budgeters, making sure everything is outlined clearly and carefully. They don’t understand people who improvise and act without planning.

No matter how excited they are, these men must not get pulled into the moment. They need to control their fickle personality and listen to what others may say.

Women born in the Rooster year look plain on the outside. They are caring and very down to earth. These women can’t stand seeing others make mistakes. They will always help set them back on the right path. Responsible and organized, they hate it when others tell them what to do.

They’re confident, but not conceited. They are typically home-oriented, but crave for a position of high power. Deep down, they want to be appreciated by others. If given the chance, they’ll unleash their true potential.


Most compatible with Rooster: Dragon, Snake, Ox

Roosters and Dragons make the most compatible pair. The Rooster is willing to support Dragon from behind, and Dragon’s accomplishments make Rooster proud.

With a Snake, Roosters are able to discuss life and chase after dreams together.

The Ox’s honesty and conservativeness fit well with the Rooster’s personality. Their relationship develops steadily.

Least compatible with Rooster: Rabbit, Dog, Rooster

The Rooster and Rabbit clash strongly. They have contrasting opinions and can’t understand each other.

Roosters and Dogs have a cold relationship. Though they can tolerate each other, it’s full of tension. Roosters are also incompatible with themselves. They fight often and can’t compromise.

Lucky things for Roosters

  • Colors: gold, brown, yellow
  • Numbers: 5, 7, 8
  • Mineral: strawberry crystal
  • Directions of auspiciousness: northeast, east
  • Directions of wealth: northwest
  • Directions of love: south

Unlucky things

  • Colors: red, orange, purple
  • Numbers: 2, 5, 6

Careers fit for Roosters

Roosters don’t actually care about money. They gain it quickly and spend it quickly as well.

But Roosters are very serious and earnest with their work. They have professional skills and courage. They make smart choices, but instead of being more careful with important decisions, they often botch them. They also don’t like being ordered around.

Careers that fit Roosters are ones that give them enough space and freedom. It must be difficult enough to challenge them and not let their talent go to waste. Some choices are politicians, diplomats, tour guides and fashion designers.

Health and lifestyle

Overall, Roosters have average health. This means that there aren’t any serious illnesses, but small problems are inevitable.

Roosters must not be careless. They aren’t the healthiest naturally and outside factors can affect their health greatly.

Being picky eaters is common in all zodiacs, but Roosters are especially so. They are even picky with the food they like to eat. Their diets are influenced by their mood too. Since they often have mood swings, this can lead to problems in the digestive system.

The best way for Roosters to maintain their health is to fix their bad habits and oversensitive personality.


Roosters in the Year of the Ox (2021)

The Rooster and the Ox are one of three compatible pairs called San He. In the Year of the Ox, then, the Rooster will be blessed with opportunity and fortune.

This will be an excellent year for you to achieve your goals in both your professional and personal life. With luck on your side, no one will be able to stop you from turning your dreams into reality.


Your professional life will go smoothly in 2021, and you will find opportunities presenting themselves throughout the year. Now is an excellent time to invest in projects that you have longed to try, as luck will be on your side.

If a new career opportunity presents itself, be it a better position or a relocation to your dream city, you should seize upon it without hesitation. 2021 will also be the best time to expand the business you are currently engaged in.

You may want to start a personal brand or expand it into an entrepreneurial endeavor. You have toiled long and hard to earn the fruits of your labors, so go ahead and claim your achievements with confidence.

The year promises to be a stable financial period for the Rooster. Your income from work will remain steady thanks to consistently great performances. If you continue to build on your hard work, you may also receive an unexpected raise or bonus.

The Rooster is generally smart about their finances and ambitious about growing their wealth. Previous investments will now be generating great returns. Beware of complacency! Stick to a clear financial plan, and do not give in to impulsive purchasing habits. Play it safe with your money, and continue to make calculated financial moves.

Lucky Months: March, April, and November

Unlucky Months: February, May, and September


Roosters in academia will find their hands quite full this year. You will be given additional study objectives, which may become obstacles if handled incorrectly. Assess your standing before you proceed.

Figuring out your strengths and weaknesses will help you spend your time and energy more efficiently. Do not rely on second-hand information, and be wary of false promises; fraudulent friends are always a problem for the Rooster. Put your ideas into practice, and you will find yourself climbing the educational ladder with ease.


In 2021, the Rooster will be blessed with a year full of love. Romance and passion are in the cards for the single Rooster this year. You will appear more charismatic without noticing it, and will likely attract many potential love interests as a result.

Furthermore, single Roosters may make a major love decision as the year ends, which is certainly something to look forward to!

2021 will be a stable and loving period for Roosters in committed relationships. You will have very few fights, and gain more appreciation for your respective partner. You will also feel closer to your partner than ever before.

Cherish the time you spend with each other, and be adventurous with one another. Be careful not to ruin things through careless actions. Do not intentionally provoke your partner, or pick fights with them because you are having a bad day. Talking about your problems is a more mature solution that will allow you to overcome challenges together.


Blessed by the Metal Ox, the Rooster should not expect any major health concerns to arise in 2021. Your immunity levels will remain high, and you may experience a general sense of optimism. Certain times of year may still prove tiring, so don’t be afraid to set aside some time to rest and refresh.

Outdoor activities are especially good for cheering up your spirit. You will not experience any health issues apart from small colds here and there, and for the most part, you will be at your physical best.

Thanks to the influence of the inauspicious star “Fei Lian”, you may experience several accidents in your daily life. To counteract the star’s effects, try to remain aware of your surroundings at all times, and avoid exposing yourself to any potential dangers.


2021 will be an action-packed year for the Rooster, with many things going your way. You will be happy with your progress, and continue chasing after your dreams. Focus on your long term goals and avoid making impulsive decisions.

Roosters will receive a lot of help from others this year, so try to appreciate all of the positivity in your life. Reach out to thank those who have always had your back, and make sure that you have their back when they need someone to support them.

Roosters in the Year of the Rat (2020)

As the first of the zodiac animals, the Rat ushers in a cycle of renewal. Roosters, be prepared to use your talents to your advantage in career opportunities and to surround yourself with friends and family. All good things come from a loving, supportive home. The Year of the Rat will be a year of great success and improvement.

On the other hand, remember to keep your emotions in check. Roosters tend to be oversensitive and easily angered. Work towards becoming more level-headed and peaceful in all situations, especially office-related ones.


The Rooster will succeed this year provided they make smart decisions and welcome support from colleagues. With such an earnest and decisive character, the Rooster is sure to shine this year. Career moves will flourish in the Year of the Rat. Work with colleagues to create the best outcome in the office. Luck is already on your side. Give it everything you’ve got for the coming year!

However, because the Rooster tends to be oversensitive, relationships in business deals might suffer. It is crucial to think clearly, take stock of others’ feelings, and always consider the situation. Roosters should avoid conversations that deal with controversy or politics. Keep talking points light and friendly, and you will benefit.

Gambling will not prove to be beneficial this year. Stay away from the slot machines. Use your money in less risky areas. Instead, spend your earnings on friends, family, and fun experiences.

Lucky Months: January, March, April, June, August, and December.

Unlucky Months: February, May, September, and October.


This year will bring success in all endeavors! The Year of the Rat is your good luck charm. Continue working hard to achieve your goals. Surrounding yourself with others who are passionate about their studies will keep you on track. Create a study group with your classmates to help you through the most demanding courses. In any event, your ambition and decisiveness will work in your favor.


Your health horoscope outlook will not improve much from the prior year. Use caution in personal matters from your nutrition and diet to your style of driving. You will be more susceptible to mishaps. Keep your eyes on the road; accidents can happen at any time. As picky eaters, it is vital to your health to choose the right foods. Make sure to focus on getting nutrients from all groups, especially fruits and vegetables.

Balancing your emotional state is essential for a productive year. Stress will often b a point of contention. Try lessening your workload or practice calming your mind. Meditation is a great way to deal with stress and creates a healthy mindset.


Roosters will have numerous opportunities for love this year. With plenty of fish in the sea, this is your year to catch one! Be ready for romance at any moment. You might find options in the workplace or on vacation. It is always good to make a positive impression, so make an extra effort to be presentable.

Married Roosters will need to be extra vigilant this year. There is a chance that you will face temptation outside of your marriage. For those invested in their partners, try to keep the romance alive. Go on dates, make special meals, or plan fun excursions. Do everything you can to avoid wandering eyes. On the flipside, married couples could experience blissful news that a new baby will come.


Success is on the horizon. The Year of the Rat will bring blessings to many areas of life. Relationships will blossom, careers will profit, and life will be good. Taking care of your health, no matter the circumstances will be critical to enjoying a prosperous year. Perform regular exercise, eat a proper diet, and practice meditation to keep yourself in tip-top shape. When times get stressful, remember to take some time for yourself.